Reflections of the Seed of the Ancestors

Brought to you by TalfordArts

As many of you already know, this year (2019) marks 400 Years since the arrival of the first captives from the shores of Africa, to the shores of North America.  For the remainder of the year, TalfordArts LLC will be running a feature called "Generations," where we spotlight positive individuals: professionals, business owners, students, educators, physicians, athletes, etc, who send us a photograph of them wearing our 400 Years shirt, along with their first name, where they're from (originally), and what they do—with a one to three-sentence quote about anything positive they want to share around their thoughts on the 400 year legacy, the ancestors, a word of wisdom from a parent/grandparent/neighborhood elder/mentor/etc—however you're so moved.  Based on volume of requests received, our staff will choose their favorites, and we will spotlight those in our "Generations" post on our TalfordArts Facebook and Instagram feeds.

For example...

"When I was a little boy, my great grandmother told me their work picking cotton all day was hard, but that they had to endure so that one day, I could use my mind and not my hands to put food on the table.  She told me to take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow.  Well, this year marks my 20th working in Big Data, and I am the proud owner of two businesses.  Thank you Gran-Gran!" —Carl, 44, South Carolina Native, Information Technology Employee, Restaurant Franchise Owner, and Owner of a Landscaping Company*

*Fictitious example. Any resemblance to an actual person is purely coincidental.

(Would you like for us to spotlight you in one of our “Generations” posts?  Either DM us on Facebook or Instagram, or email us your best photo of you wearing our 400 Years T-shirt, along with three or four sentences sharing positive thoughts on what the 400 Year legacy means to you—see example above).